Where does QuietCool save the most money?

Since the number one benefit of QuietCool whole house fans is SAVING MONEY on A/C related electricity costs, it makes sense that the more you use your air conditioning, the more money you will spend on electricity. Accordingly, it makes just as much sense that if you can reduce your use of A/C, you will reduce your overall cost of electricity.

Turn OFF your A/C and turn ON the worlds most energy efficient whole house fan. The map to the right shows fairly accurate reductions in use of air conditioning when customers use QuietCool in different climates throughout the country.

It is important to understand that the amount of A/C any family uses depends on several factors. Yes, “heat” is one factor, but so is outside air humidity, insulation factors within the home, and personal lifestyle habits of the residents. Generally speaking, people in Montana use their A/C less than people in Florida, where it is more hot and humid, so with QuietCool, they will virtually eliminate their use of A/C.

On the other hand, Floridians and people in the dessert will still need to use their A/C on the hottest days of the year, but still enjoy a reduction of A/C use by 30-80%. Based on your electricity bills for the past year, your QuietCool dealer will be able to provide you with an accurate comparison of how much money you can expect to save when you turn OFF your A/C and turn ON your QuietCool system.

QuietCool Whole House Fans Dominate the CEC

QuietCool boldly proclaims to manufacture the most energy efficient whole house fans on the market today. It is fair that both consumers and competitors —- oh, we do get challenged by competitors —- challenge us about this claim on occasion.

The California Energy Commission Appliance Efficiency Database rates all whole house fans by manufacturer name, brand name, model number, fan type, CFM air flow, and air flow efficiency (CFM/watts). It is the last category that matters. Energy efficiency is rated based on the amount of air flow per watt and the higher the CFM/watt ratio, the more energy efficient the appliance.

QuietCool fans occupy the top six positions on the CEC Appliance Efficiency Database for ALL types of fans, and the top 12 of 14 positions for all residential fans rated at 5000 CFM or less.

When we make the bold claim that our fans are the most energy efficient on the market today, you can take it from the government of California as gospel truth!